UTA Project Management includes:

  • Strategically aligning project deliverables with business objectives
  • Defining clear and comprehensive project scope
  • Defining, estimating, and planning project tasks with inter-dependencies to meet project objectives
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  • Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
  • The time-cost tradeoff process and validation of schedules
  • Staffing analysis, ROI, Variance and gap analysis
  • Validation and compression of schedules
  • Establishment of governance procedures, standard reports, coding structures, metrics and templates
  • Implementation of Project Offices
  • Work Breakdown Structures that identify work phases, deliverables, and activities
  • Generation of status memos for key stakeholders
  • Client instruction in the use of project management tools/methods
  • Identify risk factors and areas that need attention
  • Update project files during the normal schedule update cycle
  • Serve as an onsite expert in project management software tools
  • Project Management Tools & Methodology Development
  • Program Management Office Framework Development and project artifacts
  • Implementing project change requests and corrective actions to ensure project success
  • Project Health Checks & Audits
  • Project Governance & Policy Development
  • ​Book keeping and project closing
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